About Brighten Careers Institute

Established in 2008 as Stanford Academy, Brighten Careers Institute has since re-established itself in 2013 as an institute that focuses primarily on building its students' skills and knowledge about Australian workplaces/ industries At Brighten Careers Institute, we pride ourselves on being a student-centric institute that designs and develops short courses that help our student advance in their careeers Interactive online learning and relevant skills training are of the utmost importance to our program delivery. BCI's courses are industry based and targeted towards students who have a desire to build upon their skill sets to reach personal and career based goals. As an authorised distributor of TAFE digital English programs, BCI give their students access to these self-paced English programs to bolster their language skills while they study their short course or program. At BCI, your success is our priority. Brighten Careers Institute has a range of Online Short courses and Professional Skills Development programs on scope:

  • Online Hospitality.
  • Online Business Fundamentals.
  • Online Introduction to Australian Health Care.
  • Online Sales and Marketing.
  • Online Personal Skills.
  • Professional Skills Development: Hospitality.
  • Professional Skills Development: Business Fundamentals.
  • Professional Skills Development: Introduction to Australian Health Care.
  • Professional Skills Development: Sales and Marketing.
  • Professional Skills Development: Personal Skills.

Brighten Careers institute also offer tailored programs to groups of students and individuals who meet certain academic criteria. Please see information about the following programs:

  • Study Tour program.
  • Internship network program.

Brighten Careers Institute is a student-centric school offering education programs which are tailored to the individual needs of our students.

To achieve the needs of students in the globally diverse community, our objectives include:

  • High quality academic lessons with the support of an expert instructor
  • Operation of innovative and dependable technologies
  • Use of technology-based learning resources
  • Empowering the students to take active roles in their own learning
  • Supportive academic environments where both the students and staff can reach their highest potential
  • Ongoing curriculum development

Our company is continuously evolving to maintain its high standards and to stay relevant in the Australian education Industry.

We move with the times. We move with the people.
For this reason the evolution to online learning is crucial; we have decided to be a major player in the future of education.

Be at the forefront of technology and education. We seek to combine the two through the development of industry knowledge and understanding,
the cooperation of highly qualified staff and course producers and a high level 0f care and support.

We aim to expand and explore this medium of education, Exploit all its possibilities, to be dynamic and evolutionary
to challenge ourselves, our students, and the idea of education itself.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant?”
Actually, who are you Not to be?”

Spoken by Nelson Mandela, written by Marrianne Williamson.

We strive to empower people. We hope that our school empowers students from the very first click to take charge
of their education and future and to be as brilliant as they can be.

Brighten Careers Institute delivers online courses to students around the world. The culturally diverse nature of our student body urges us to be more sensitive to student needs.

We require our students to be:

  • Self-directed
  • Inquisitive/Curious
  • Self-aware/Honest with self
  • Risk-taking/Not afraid of Making mistakes
  • Open-minded
  • Furthermore, Brighten Careers Institute’s students are able to participate in life and also honour their academic commitments.


Networking with people all over the world through our online programs offers many opportunities.
Utilising technologies such as webcam,  students from around the world, harbouring different perspectives, from different values and cultural backgrounds, are able to contribute to a learning environment that is united by inclusion.

The Brighten Careers Institute global community offers:

  • Improved cultural education and awareness
  • A global community
  • Increased business opportunities

Being part of a global community makes the world feel much smaller than it is. Connections and friendships are built in spite of distance, whether near or far. Brighten Careers Institute provides a learning community that is available for each student to engage in and reach out globally.

In addition, the global network also provides increased business opportunities with a global network of contacts. Furthermore, the flexibility and convenience of online learning attracts professionals from all around the globe, further increasing the networking opportunities for those pursuing business advancement and educational growth at the same time. The global community offers an international arena for those seeking further opportunities in business, community and education.

What Now?

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