• English for Hospitality

Course Overview

English for Hospitality helps hotel workers develop the English language skills they need to understand and talk confidently with guests in a variety of everyday situations.

Learners complete interactive tasks, watch and listen to video and audio transcripts of real life situations. They will develop and extend their vocabulary and practise the phrases and expressions needed to understand and speak with guests.

English for Hospitality is designed at post-beginner English level.

Develop the English you need for 5 star service

English for Hospitality is an online multimedia course for hotel workers.
Learn the English language skills and gain the confidence to talk with guests.

Three modules:

  1. Reception - Inquiries and bookings, Checking in and Checking out, Guest requests, Guest problems
  2. Restaurant and bar - Bookings, orders, Complaints, In the bar
  3. Room service and housekeeping - In room dining, Giving directions, Supplies, Maintenance visits