On the 20th of February, our lovely Study Tour group from Kyungdong University (KDU) graduated from their Brighten Careers course.  Smiles and cheering all around, the Graduation Ceremony was a celebration of not only academic achievement, but also experience and connection. While some students may have entered our course as strangers, they now go home as friends, with an amazing travel experience to bind them.

Our many thanks to the UNSW hospitality team, who not only prepared the venue, but supplied wonderful refreshments for the morning tea. Our students had a lovely time chatting with their teachers and fellow students before and during the ceremony.

In other exciting news, the applause was abundant as four students were presented with Merit awards for academic excellence, placing well in the final exam, as well as showing substantial improvement in their English skills. Thanks to their hard work and effort, they received recognition of their achievements at Brighten Careers Institute, alongside their peers with their certificates.


Congratulations once again to:

Hong Hyemin  – 1st place in the English Exam

Kim Byung Joon – Tied 2nd Place in the English Exam

– Kang Hyeon Ee – Tied 2nd Place in the English Exam

– Jeon Ayeong – Best Improvement

And Group 2B – Best Team Engagement

To end the ceremony, we had a closing speech by Werner, our Program Manager. It is always sad to see students go, especially those that are only with us for such a short time, but it is with pride that we say goodbye. From the bottom of our hearts, our deepest wishes for success are with you all. Never stop learning, and as one student leader so beautifully put it in her closing speech – ‘Never stop the adventure’.