Brighten Careers Institute have an exciting news to announce that TAFE has completed the renewal of the English e-learning platform successfully.

In the past, TAFE has developed its English programs using Flash player, which is multimedia software that is no longer existing online from December 2020.

Due to this change, TAFE was working on the digital transition from its previous e-learning source, Flash, to the new source, HTML5.

Here are some key factors that demonstrate how HTML5-based e-learning platform benefits the learners who are pursuing the TAFE English programs with Brighten Careers Institute.

  • Contents settings and/or web browser settings are no longer required.
  • e-learning contents can be loaded relatively faster, which takes less CPU time to render web pages.
  • System communicates with the end user data relatively quicker than Flash, hence, study progressions of our learners can be updated in a timely manner.

Any enquiries on the detailed information of this change or studying TAFE English programs with Brighten Careers Institute, please contact us at