• Workplace Communication Skills

Course Overview

Workplace Communication skills programme is divided into three different categories, such as Spoken, Written and Jobseekers Online.

The Spoken and Written English programme will help you to develop effective spoken and written communication skills for workplace situations.

The Jobseekers Online programme features video scenarios of job applicants in the Australian workplace, plus a sample of templates and models, checklists and interactive tasks.

Designed for post-intermediate to an advanced English level, Jobseekers online feature the language strategies required to successfully gain employment in English speaking countries. Each unit is 10 to 20 nominal hours including practice exercises.

Spoken Communication Skills provided three different scenarios:

Customer service
  • Unit 1: Can I take a message?
  • Unit 2: How can I help you?
  • Unit 3: Well, I'm complaining now!
Negotiating and problem solving
  • Unit 1: I need time off
  • Unit 2: ASAP!
  • Unit 3: A lot to get through
Applying for a job
  • Tailor your resume to fit the job
  • Practise writing a new cover letter for each application
  • Write a selection criteria statement


Pronunciation at work
  • Develop clear pronunciation skills
  • Understand and practise the sounds, linking, stress and intonation of English used at work